Solis Daylight


The smartest solution to use daylight indoors.

make your space brighter and cooler with Solis™ Natural Light Film.

Solis™ Sun Control Window Film

(SL3402, Specialized for Nothern Europe)

  • Up to 20% brighter inside space
  • Up to 30% saving of lighting cost
  • 250% wider sunny surface
  • Non-metalized film with no signal intergerence
  • Up to 90% infrared rejection providing
  • 99% of UV-ray blocking, 5 Years Warranty

Solis™ is the new way to control Daylight light.

international patent Number : KR#10-1018565

  • Solis Daylight Film can redirect sunlight to the ceiling and deep inside the room. It makes your workspace brighter by 20% than before without any lightings assistance. So, you can save the lighting cost up to 30% than before.

Redirected Sunlight of indoor by Solis™

※ Test on April, Finland


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Solis™ Micro-Structured Prism

Solis™ Specifications

● SL3402 IR60
Test categoriesUnitSL3402 IR60Normal Window
Visible Light Transmittance%77.490.4
Thermal TransmittanceW/(㎡·K)5.985.66
Infrared Ray Transmittance%31.282.5
Solar Heat Acquisition Rate-0.640.88


● SL3402 IR70
Test categoriesUnitSL3402 IR60Normal Window
Visible Light Transmittance%76.990.4
Thermal TransmittanceW/(㎡·K)5.985.66
Infrared Ray Transmittance%23.482.5
Solar Heat Acquisition Rate-0.620.88


● SL3402 IR90
Test categoriesUnitSL3402 IR60Normal Window
Visible Light Transmittance%68.290.4
Thermal TransmittanceW/(㎡·K)5.965.66
Infrared Ray Transmittance%7.482.5
Solar Heat Acquisition Rate-0.530.88




Comparing with Prestige Films

BrandProduct NameVisible Light TransmittanceSHGC
SolisSL3402 IR6077.4%0.641.21
SolisSL3402 IR7076.9%0.621.24
SolisSL3402 IR9068.2%0.531.29
Solar GardSterling 7075.0%0.671.12
3M PrestigePR7069.0%0.501.40
SKC PerfectCeramic 708072.0%0.591.22
SKC SuperNC708065.0%0.511.27

Solis™ Redirecting Test

Test condition
  • May, 2018 in South Korea
  • Room Size : 2,600mm X 2,050mm X 4,566mm
  • Window Size : 790mm X 1,200mm
  • Number of illuminometer : 6 units
  • Distance from each illuminometer : About 550mm
  • Point if illuminometer : Work plane, 750mm from floor
● Comparing Average illumination Value on Work Plane (SL5034 B15 vs Normal Window)
Test TimeSL5034 B15Normal WindowIllumination Value Increase Rate
9 AM632lux1045lux60%
10 AM752lux930lux81%
11 AM2350lux1366lux172%
12 AM5996lux1812lux331%
12:40 AM
(Meridian Altitude)
1 PM5610lux2308lux243%
2 PM1930lux1854lux104%
3 PM848lux1030lux82%
4 PM569lux831lux68%
5 PM271lux467lux58%
6 PM155lux293lux53%

※Test on May, South Korea

SL5034 P40

SL5034 B15

Normal Window

Solis™ Case Study

  • Location : South Korea, Suwon
  • Film : SL5034
  • Purpose : To eliminate heat near window, to increase privacy
  • Result : Heat removed near window and inside of room brighter privacy enhanced