Solis window film is a sun control film brand name of Fresnel Factory Inc.

Solis window film was launched in the market as an independent brand in 2019, since it has been developed by Fresnel Factory Inc. in 2013 as a new product.


Currently, we are manufacturing for small and medium individual country’s sun control films’ brands, and plus global window film’ brands in the USA, on OEM & ODM contract. Based on automated production and quality enhancement, we have had our dream, “Low production cost and high-quality stability” realized.


The beginning of Solis window film business lies in the Daylight Redirection film developed by the Fresnel Factory Inc. Solis Daylight film developed on the basis of Fresnel technology held by Fresnel Factory Inc. The film is a kind of neo-concept film, not blocking the sunlight coming into the window, but redirecting the sunlight.


We do our R&D and manufacturing in the USA and the South Korea.


Window tinting films manufactured, based upon technologies of optical lens production, display one step higher coating’s quality and quality stability(Low Lot tolerance). All of our company’s products are guaranteed for 10 year lifetime.


Also, we are working with skillful engineers with more than 15 years of work experiences.


Not only that, we have equipment for miniatured sunlight experiment and optical simulation program to realize solar altitude in all regions of the world.


It is the Daylight Redirecting film that represents our core technological power.


The 1st Introduction of clean room in the Korean window film manufacturing.

Double head coating machine: One

Single head coating machine: One

Resin Mixing Room


Coating Machine

Laminating Machine

Auto-Inspection Machine


Inspection Room

Slitter(Edge Trimming machine)


Packaging Room


Weather Ometer